How to use git merge with Blueprints

I’m trying to test out how to use Git merge capabilities with blueprints. As I understood, this should be supported (in beta though) from UE 4.8.

But if I try to modify a blueprint on two different branches, then merge (I end up with a conflict) and open UE to use the bluprint diff tool, there is no “merge” option on the right click context menu for that blueprint. I can get history, but I can even diff agains previous version. I just get en “Content not supported” error.

Does anyone know how to work with Git and blueprints at the moment?


ps. I’m using Git 2.5.3. Maybe a specific version of Git is required?

I agree. Text merge on the blueprint files is a no-go. That’s why (I’ve read on the forum) you should do the merge in git (keep it unresolved), start up UE 4.9 and do you blueprint diff in there. As I understand, there’s both a Diff and Merge tool built in to the Git UE4 beta plugin. I’ve used the diff tool before, and it actually work quite nice. You have a visual presentation of the differences between blueprints. If that is possible, it should be possible to merge them, and create a new binary version.

I just can’t get it to work… Maybe after upgrading Git or upgrading to UE 4.9.1.

I’m not really sue how to do it, but given the nature of blueprint files I wouldn’t have thought it would be a good idea to merge them. For code files, it’s easy enough as it’s very easy to see what’s changes, what you want to keep and what the resultant file would be, but I doubt that’s the case with blueprints.

I’d bet you could force it through the git command line or through a gui tool like SourceTree if you really want, but actually successfully merging the files would probably be tricky.

Presumably one of the blueprint files is the one you actually want, in which case you don’t need to merge the two files, you just need to resolve the branch integration and choose to accept one version or the other as the authority.