How to use gamepad like a mouse

Does anyone know how to use the gamepad as a mouse, in the game?
Left Thumbstick Axis as Mouse Axis
Left Face Button as Mouse Click (Left Mouse Button)
Like in Destiny.
I am able to move the Cursour wit the Thumbstick but I can’t click anything.
I want to use it in the Main- and Options Menu

would be nize if I don’t nee C++

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been struggling with this for a while and not even the Rama plugin works for me on 4.19 when building.
I looked around and all I could find is to do a crosshair cursor that can be moved with joysticks, but you’d still have to program it as a cursor.

If someone knows how to make a virtual cursor, it’d be awesome.

Anyone ever solve this?