how to use gamepad for UMG selection in pause?

I’m developing a first person VR game and I try to make UMG selection using XBOX gamepad with its left analog stick based on this tutorial Unreal Engine 4 UMG Using a Gamepad - new version see below - YouTube, my question would be: how to enable gamepad in pause? after I set game pause to true, it wont handle the Y-axis analog.

also have stuck into same issue

but I found a weird thing, but it can have some usefulness

you may try nodes as “get gamepad left thumbstick x-axis”
it have a “execute when paused” setting,

the only thing - that nodes aren’t available into widget blueprints, so you should use it somewhere else

also look at example
61588-controllersample.rar (3.7 MB)
from this topic

i definitely like this solution. you need to check “execute when paused” where at axis functions to make it work in pause