How to use forward location after enemy die


After player die if no use “Set simulate physics” work ok, but after that enemy go to past me. So I need after player shoot with weapon (die) I need to found solution how to use Forward Vector. I tried to use AddWorldTransform and SetWorldLocation but not working as expected.

So, if I shoot the enemy, and use “Set simulate physics”, I need to find way how to enemy take it forward, like 0.5-2cm depends of the weapon.

Is there any tutorial for my case?

Hi, I’m not sure if I understood what you’re trying to do. Do you want to get the enemy’s forward vector after it falls to the ground?



If I shoot on enemy and I used set simulate physics then I do not see enemy anymore. He’s behind me. I need to find way how to use location to see player from forward or flies to the front.

How does the enemy reach behind you when you simulate physics? Are you teleporting it there?

check these pics. See enemy is on other site, is not forward.

What I want to do is after enemy dies I need to display enemy in position where weapon is. The weapon ins on forward, so the enemy must be is line where weapon is, or where is the last shoot