how to use forum

hi all friends ,
i am newer developer in this community . so i want to know that how to use this forum , how to post and reply this forum? :o

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create new thread -> go to the right section - click on “post new thread”
post something -> either use the quick reply (bottom of the site) or the “reply to thread button”

Also make sure to take a look at the rules: Forum Rules/Code of Conduct - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:
When you have any questions, just post them into the forum or answerhub -> we are always here to answer them

thanks friend

hi friends here i am confused
in forum, utforum ,ue4 answer hub,ue4wikki
what is this ?
please help i hoped

those are links to different areas of the unreal community

forum = a link to the main page of this forum

utforum = link to the main page of the forum for the discussion of unreal tournament

ue4 answer hub = link to the answer hub, here you can look for answers to any questions you may have, if you can’t find any answers here then you can ask for help as well.

ue4 wiki = link to the wiki, it contains a ton of info about the engine as well as tutorials and is overall a good place to look through.

Welcome aboard buddy! :smiley:

Forum = A place to share your work, help others, give feedback to Epic, get new information, post your doubts if you are stuck, make new friends etc etc

UTForum = Same as above but mostly related to Unreal Tournament (the new one)

UE4 Answerhub = Found a bug? Problem installing/using UE4 or Epic Launcher? Have a question related to licensing? Go straight to AnswerHub and post it. (make sure to post at the right section)

UE4 Wiki = Treasure chest of UE4. You’ll find tons of information. You can share your tutorials, plugins, project templates etc there on wiki. You can also see the latest version, whats new, hotfixes etc there on wiki.
PS: Check out UT Wiki

hi friends
here is my general
if i download UE4 then there are download a 60 mb login id (EPIC GAMES).
after that this launcher is install UE4.
the question is
1) is installed a file setup file like setup.exe? or something for example - udk3 setup
2) for installing , it take internet connection ,when installetion is completed ; i mean ,whenever my computer will formated then (even time) will take inernet connection?
3)may be possible to store installed files in a hard disk for future usage after formatting system .


  1. When the EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER is installed, go to the Unreal Engine Tab and from there you can install the latest version.

Here is a link to the Unreal Engine 4 documentation for installing the engine: Installing Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

This link is to the “Getting Started” section: Get Started with UE4 | Unreal Engine Documentation

  1. The launcher needs an internet connection to be linked to things such as the marketplace.
    So in short, so long as you have the launcher running it will be searching for a connection.

  2. Yes an no.
    I wouldn’t recommend it though.
    I believe you COULD theoretically do it, there’s just no point.
    If you re-format your drive all you need to do is re-install UE4 from the launcher.

You will, should, and can back-up your CUSTOM files (anything you created in UE4) as those will not stay within the launcher if the system is re-formatted.

If you need additional help feel free to ask.

If anyone has anything to add to my answers, please do so.

~ Jason

I just have the forums in my bookmarks. (the ones always at the top of the page.)
You have to do that if you use the Linux version. Also… I have one last thing to say… VIVE LA UNREAL 4!

hi friend jason,
if i installed it then what is size of installation file?
thanks to reply

UDK forums:
[FONT=Arial Black]Advanced Search -> keyword ‘Procedural’ -> [Search Titles Only] - Results sorted by most recent date

UE4 Forums
[FONT=Arial Black]Advanced Search -> keyword ‘Procedural’ -> [Search Titles Only] - Results unsorted (random)

Been meaning to ask about the search system on the new forums and here seems as good a place as any… I don’t see a way to sort the results and the random nature of hits returned is unhelpful. Is there are option somewhere I’m missing, is it part of profile settings? I tried changing this but no joy:

[FONT=Arial Black]Profile Settings -> General Settings -> Thread Display Mode

See below RELEVANCY…

Around 7GIG I think? Might be 11GIG though.

If there is a way to change it, I haven’t found it.

The one thing the UDK forums have over the UE4 forums is simple things such as this.
Maybe I’m just blind and the option to change the sorting is in the settings.

I’ll have a look.

~ Jason

Using the launcher, 4.7.6 is 11 GBs for me.

~ Jason

Wow that is pretty big! But worth the download wait!

Advanced Search: Date order

On the UE4 forums ‘Sort Results by’ defaults to **RELEVANCY **whereas on the UDK forums the default is DATE.

Change that field each time to sort by date. Is ascending / descending Relevancy meant to be more helpful, maybe its an oversight?..