How to use "Filters" Input in "Find Sessions Advanced" node ?

Hello everyone, i’m actualy learning the engine.

I would like to know if someone could explain me how work the “filters” input in the node “Find Sessions Advanced” with the “Advanced Sessions” plugins.
I saw some people do post filtering on the results but i never saw an example with the filter apply on the session research.

Thx in advance for ur help and have a nice day.


This is an older post, but we struggled a bit trying to get this working for us too and since this is one of the top results when I was looking, I wanted to leave this here. Below is an example of how you can create the Filter array for Find Sessions Advanced. The lesson we learned the hard way was that only some session property data types (int, float, byte, string) are supported for filtering with Steam. The help text on the Make Literal Session Property Bool tells you this, but it took us a little while to determine why we couldn’t filter by bool session properties. It also doesn’t seem to search for (or properly compare) empty string properties. Good luck.


Hey! I got the same problem now and I can’t seem to find any answer, except your explanation.
It seems really straight forward, but somehow I can’t get it to work myself.

In my create session event, I set 1 extra setting “SERVERNAME” which is a string.
So I’d assume that if I filter the find session by a int key “Test” it wouldn’t find anything. However it finds sessions.
Do you or anyone have an idea why ?

Yep, filter doesn’t work in Find Sessions Advanced node, but in Filter Session Results it does!


Does anyone know if there will ever be a fix for this? Due to steam only returning a maximum of 50 results from FindSession, it would be nice to get more results that I actually want since I can’t get more than 50 and filter it after.