How to use ffmpeg in unreal engine?

Hi !
I want to capture user’s moving and make mp4 file in unreal engine.
So I decide that I implement this function using ffmpeg library in visual 2013 c++ for unreal engine.
Is it correct way?
So I import ffmpeg library in visual 2013 then try to compile, but DWORD and INT ambiguous symbol error appears.
Please explain how can I solve this?

UE4 already has the ability to capture video. See the answer to this question.

If you still want to use ffmpeg (it’s lpgl so be careful about the licensing), I would build it as a seperate dll and write a plugin to call it.

Hi gao10211,

This is a duplicate of this thread: How to use Dword in unreal engine's c++? - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums , please continue the conversation there.