How to use FDynamicMeshBuilder?


I try make a custom mesh viewer using unreal4.

I see the some mesh generation example(Produceral Mesh Generation). but this is not easy to apply to my project.

and, I found some class(FDynamicMeshBuilder).

but, I don’t know, how to use this for mesh generation.

so, can i get some example code or project for FDynamicMeshBuilder?


Not sure about 2014, but currently there is a small group of developers at epic that are going through breaking things out of arogance or ignorance. We see comments like “Nobody is using this so I removed it” - as if everyone who purchased a license from epic is letting this guy no what they are using in the engine. They are completely lost on the fact that people who do not work at epic are using the engine. MORE PEOPLE USE THE ENGINE THAN WORK AT EPIC. And so you have this class which is intended to make things easier, but in fact does the opposite, and you cannot use this class because Custom Dynamic vertices are no longer supported by epic. What you need for *CUSTOM + Dynamic is to copy most of what this class does, but provide your own CUSTOM vertex format. Or copy this make it a template, which takes a uniform buffer as a parameter.

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