how to use exchange in ue5 like ue4?

In Unreal 4, snow can be expanded by adding snow material to the model. how will this effect be implemented in Unreal 5?

Should be the same really, as far as I know. There isn’t a huge difference between 4 and 5 when it comes to materials

In contrast to Unreal 4, Unreal 5 removes surface subdivisions. What do I need to do if I need to use the same functionality in Unreal 5?

I don’t think you need that. It should just look at the world direction and if the poly points upwards it adds snow to it.

Don’t you need to do that on the model? If you want to create a realistic snow effect, can you add a weather plugin to generate snow? If I want to generate a volume of snow on the model and ground, what should I do in Unreal 5?

Check this out. Part 2 should show how to limit the snow to be only on top of your mesh. There are other tutorials like that.

Thanks for the link, but I wonder how such a feature would be implemented in Unreal 5? Since unreal 5 removed the PN triangle, I couldn’t do it in Unreal 5 like I did in Unreal 4