How to use Event Tracks on Animations in Widgets

This is kinda completly backwards to the user philosophy that unreal established in every other part I saw. And it doesn’t work when the key is exactly on the start or end of the Animation.
But otherwise, nice feature ^^

I can create an Event Track in an Animation of a Widget. But how do I call the keyed events in my Widget BP?

Hello Bob!

Right click the key, select properties and type the event of your BP you want to fire.

Yes true!

But for the start and end… remember that when you start an animation you already have a point to fire events for any other logic.
And also for the end, you have an “on animation end” (or something similar) event you can use.
This is not very much but it has a logic from my point of view :wink:

Happy to have given some help!

sorry for hijacking this question, but is it possible to execute the track event just once? for example, if you have a looped animation, and you want the event to be executed only the first time. edit: nvm i found the Do Once flow control :slight_smile: