How To Use Dropbox to Host an HTML5 Build of Your UE4 Game

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a link to a blog post I wrote about how to use Dropbox to host an HTML5 build:

Updated link:

Hope someone finds it useful!

Hey, Jonathan

I found this useful with 4.7 :slight_smile:

Giving this a bump for visibility. :slight_smile:

Hi! Has this been changed for 4.10? It seems like the .html file looks different from the guide :confused:

I’m not sure if there’s been a change. I haven’t had the occasion to build an HTML 5 version of any of my projects since I originally posted this tutorial. If I get a chance, I’ll update the tutorial; but I don’t know when that will be. I’ll post here if I do update the tutorial.

If there was a change, the way I debugged any issues running a project was to have the HTML debugger open in Chrome. That gave me a rough idea of where the issue was, and then I could track down how to fix it.

Hope that helps!

Or if you need a free server (while you have the browser open) you can use something like cloud9 or koding :slight_smile:

Update on Dropbox HTML rendering change

A quick update, as of September 1, 2016, Dropbox has discontinued support for rendering HTML content in a browser via shared links or Public Folder.

The tutorial I wrote, and link to in the original post is predicated on the fact that Dropbox allowed for rendering HTML content in a browser via share links. This means the method of hosting an HTML5 build of an Unreal Engine 4 game in this tutorial will no longer work. I’ve posted an update to the original post, and am posting a reply here so that others can see and understand there’s been a change. I’ve left the post online for archival purposes.