How to use displacement maps for the landscape material in UE5 preview?

I’m using many Megascan materials for landscaping, and all of them have a displacement map (ORDp map).
Before, the 5.0EA had the “World Displacement” node in material BP. Although it doesn’t work out of the box still has some workaround to enable the displacement.

For now, in the Preview version, epic removed the “World Displacement” node from the material BP, which broke the old workaround in 5.0EA.

The landscape material without displacement becomes totally flat, which is really a huge visual problem for me.

So, any way to use displacement maps for the landscape material?



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I believe displacement is gone with UE5. The new way forward being nanite… and Virtual HeightField seems to be the alternative:

This genuinely feels More like a hack than a real solution.

Quick update:
From the UE5 GitHub repo and Roadmap, it seems that tessellation and displacement are coming back in 5.2(partially), and may be fully in 5.3/5.4.

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