How to use delay nodes after timelines?

This is what I currently have. It doesn’t work because the timeline updates to quickly for the delay to properly register.

What I want to happen is for each iteration of the “for each” loop to have a small delay between them. So index 0 is instant, index 1 is 0.1 seconds later, index 2 is 0.2, etc.

I got around a similar problem earlier with this:

But I can’t think of a similar one for a vector instead of a color.

If you’re having trouble understanding what’s going on, the Text Renders array is an array of 3D text render components that are created earlier in this blueprint. Each one is a single letter of the inputted text. It’s like this for greater per letter animations. What I want to do with this one is a sort of “wave” animation. Where Letter 0 raises up, then letter 2, and so on to create a nice traveling wave of movement down the text. The working blueprint is a rainbow gradient that scrolls along the text.