How to use DAZ3d Studio Genesis 3 Characters with auto-rigger from

1.Use Daz3D Genesis 3 (not genesis 1 or genesis 2)
2.Create your character and export it in .OBJ (not FBX) and set Presets “DAZ Studio” plus “Collect Maps”
3.Zip all files: .obj, .mtl and Maps directory
4.Upload to
5.Auto-rigging there
6.In ‘Download Settings’ set Format to be ‘FBX for Unreal Engine 4’ then download it from
7.Import fbx file in UE4
8.Set the new skeleton to be humanoid rig

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genesis3 is already rigged, you dont need to import it to mixamo :wink: files are so big and you will lose lot of time doing something you have already

Direct import from Genesis 1,2,3 DAZ3D to UE4 is not possible without to brokethe models. You need programs like Max, Maya, etc. to make smooth transition of fbx files. Using described method above saves you time, money and effort.

I didn’t use daz3d, but i think the skeleton from it is not the default white mannequin.
If you upload to mixamo, you can get the same rig.

Daz genesis 3 is better than mixamo fuse characters?

Genesis 3 female characters are the best looking at this time on the market! The other programs like mixamo fuse, makehuman, etc. are not even close to the highes quality of those models. The problem is that Unreal UE4 do not support [huge improver-management mistake] direct import from DAZ3D (like speedtree in example). The other problem is the price- but quality program cost money right :). DAZ3D must be more friendly/accessible to the indie developers

Using the method above you can use all mannequin animations for your DAZ3d character

Just re-target? I think you have to do this with the mixamo assets as well.

Do steps from 1 to 8 plus Retarget all needed animations from Animation Starter Pack or any other Unreal pack

I seem to lose a lot of detail when using the mixamo auto-rigger on their own Fuse characters. Since your image was deleted by a mod, would you be able to PM me a screen shot of the character in DAZ3D and another screenshot after the auto-rig? I wonder if it is possible to also use Blender’s Rigify on DAZ3D models as well.

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Thanks for the tut

Well about the money… you’ll still need an indie license to use genesis models on game engines as far as i am aware.

@Meguido: Could you please help me find out…how does one go about getting said “indie license” to use genesis models on game engines? I want to make sure I am not infringing any licensing agreements or breaking any copyrighting laws. Thanks in advance

Yeah sure,
look at this link: Daz 3D
You can find different licenses depending on the creator. And the last 2 are from daz3d itself (one for indie and one for commercial… meh the indie one is limited to an income of LESS than $100,000.00 annually)
Hope this helps

I always found Daz 3D website and software flashy as hell.

I just plain hate it.

I don’t know just looking at their website I instantly want to hit somebody in the face, even worse when I see their “male” models.

I’m really okay with Mixamo, if I needed something to look much, much, much professional I’d rather contract somebody if I’m in such a desperate need for more customization.

Also, Genesis models feel all clones of the other.

So, to conclude, there’s nothing better than simply hiring a professional if you’re in such a need of customization. Neither Mixamo, nor Daz will achieve that anyway.

Can someone explain a bit more in depth about how to rig the imported DAZ character / use it for animation? What I would like to achieve is to use standard animations that come with the third character blueprint with the imported DAZ character.

I also wonder what would be the best approach if I like to keep the morphs from DAZ. They get lost when I export an OBJ to upload at mixamo. I know there is a way to export from DAZ to 3ds Max and then import the max FBX again to the UE, but most info/tutorials are either outdated or they stop right after the model got imported (but without saying anything about rigging or making standard ue skeleton animations work for.

I have a Unity background where I can simply import the FBX from DAZ and set it to a humanoid rig and that’s it. I want to dig deeper into UE now, so any help would be appreciated.

And what’s with blendshapes?

Is it possable you can make a youtube tutorial? Cause I’m having trouble following along.

The poses were messing things up big time for me. Once I got rid of the poses that went along with Daz things went a lot smoother, a lot of times the assets are not correctly attached to the poses so I got really weird transforms that made importing and exporting not work properly. Took me a long time to figure out, for migration open it up in a mesh editor and make sure the meshes are atleast exporting without distortion.

Hello, I share a simpler method using the same Genesis 3 or Genesis 8