How to Use Custom Weapons/Base Files?

I’m not interested in creating a custom map or anything. I just want to edit some of the base files. For example, I know how to edit how much damage the bow does (the blueprint/file for the bow is WeapBow.uasset), but how do I get my game/server to use the custom bow I made? I’ve been just copying the items I want to edit over to my mod folder. Do I need to rename the files or does it matter?

That will involve cooking as a “Mod” specifically, not a “Map”, and overriding this core Blueprint “Primal Game Data” with your own classes replacing the original ones (such as replacing WeaponBow with WeaponBow_drb1922 :).


However this form of Mod is not supported in v184, but will be in v185 by tomorrow :slight_smile:


You’ll have the ability to cook a separate mod integrated by tomorrow? You guys are awesome!

I’ll have to start forming some evil plans. :smiley:

Yeah it’s pretty clear now that a lot of modders don’t want to make new maps, but wish instead to alter or add to the behavior/content/functionality/statistics of the existing game. So we’re working on supporting that right now, almost ready :slight_smile:

And this is why we love you guys so much. PS: , Boris deserves a bonus, he’s a trooper & is a beast if you ask me :wink:


But, can we still edit spawn points etc etc? Or just mechanics?

That’s awesome! When you say override the Primal Game Data, I assume I just put my version of Primal Game Data into my mod folder? Do I need to rename it or does it matter?

The exact process to override the Primal Game Data will be slightly more involved than that, but that’s the general idea yes drb1992 :slight_smile:

You can start looking through the Primal Game Data now however, to explore what it contains since that’s the main thing you’ll be overriding in a mod, by subclassing it.

Like addons in other games for client and servers? :confused: