How to use "Custom Time Dilation" node ?

So i have set up a basic slowmotion by pressing a key as shown in the picture . i’m aware that player can enter slow mode repeatedly or it has no cooldown and such , those are the easy fixes .

But i want to modify it so the everything gets slowed by 50%, but the player only gets slowed by 20% at the same time. Well i know it may have something to do with "Custom Time Dilation " node , but i’m not really sure how to use it … anyone can help me please ?

notice that i put 2 second delay there , but since everything is slowed by 50% , it lasts 4 seconds.

Earlier in UDK , " Custom time Dilation " function was only accessible through UnrealScript , but now the node is available through blueprint , Can anyone please guide me to how to set this up using this node ?

Hi Shadow,

after I has been experimenting with character movement and weapon projectiles anyway I rebuild your setup.
You have to connect your nodes sequentially.

After slomo 0.5 you have to correct your time dilation for your character by factor 2.
After you reset slomo you have to reset your movement to 1.
I did a quick test, seems to work fine.

Thank you LAn , Apparently there is 2 kinds of “Set Custom Time dilation node” , One which has “Target” input , as the one in your screenshot , and one which doesnt have the “Target” input , as in my screen shot . if u drag a wire out of "execute console command " node and search for Dilation , only the one w/o the target input shows up ! ofc my “Context Sensitive” tick box was on . but i assumed there is only this node .

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: much appreciated

PS. i just tested it and it works like a charm