How to use/create editor viewport?

Hi guys!

I am trying to create a new editor from scratch and I have just successfully set a new project (based on SlateViewer) and I have everything removed. I am left with only the main function (entry point). My goal now is to show a window with a viewport and a simple rotating cube on the screen.

As I have read here on the forums, I cannot use any UnrealEd features. I am assuming I cant use any classes that are under the Editor folder in UE4 solution. Is Slate part of the editor or the engine? How far can I go so I can ship a new editor to our customers?

So my question is, how should I proceed now? Is there a viewport that I can use? I mean, without having to create interact with OpenGL or DirectX functions directly?


Slate is part of the Engine and you are correct - nothing in the Editor or Developer folders can be distributed to anyone but a licensee. To create a viewport take a look at FSceneViewport that’s more than likely what you’re looking for.

You may also want to consider making a plugin to the editor and just distribute that to your customers and if they want to use your plugin they can just subscribe to UE4. It may end up being considerable less work on your end, if you’re trying to make a full blown modding environment.


So it is possible to create a viewport in a standalone program with the FSceneViewport class?

Yeah that should work just fine.

Hey Nick!

I have been struggling with this for two days now.

Could you have a look at this:

I am getting really frustraded. I cant even refence a module from the engine! What am I doing wrong? Also. Is there a tutorial on how to properly set your target and build files? I have read the documentation, but it only explains what it is, and not the whats and hows of setting it!