How to use correctely Actors Ignores from line trace

Hello .
I would like to know how to use the “Actors Ignore” of the line trace. In fact, I want my character can see only my cupboard and ignores many actors …
Actually , he sees dynamic world, it’s include the cupboard of course but the halls and the lights too …

I explain more precisely , I can’t use the node “Breack it result” because lights and hall cover … take over the cupboard… That’s why i need to use the ignores actors …

The Actors to Ignore pin is an array of actors to ignore while performing the trace, you would have to pass their references to that array one by one.

If you want to exclude whole groups of objects you should create your own TraceChannel (under Project Settings > Engine > Collision) and set the default response to Ignore.

Then for the objects you want to respond to your trace change CollisionPreset and set your custom trace channel to Block.


Finally, you need to use Line Trace by Channel node instead and select your custom Trace Channel, like so:


Arg ! I’m sorry , I can’t sleep since two nigths… I say whatever … It’s not a line trace but a box trace… maybe it changes nothing ?

WAHOU ! It’s so powerful this trick !!! Thank you !

Awesome TY !