How to use Codelite with Unreal Engine. Wiki is WRONG

I have seen questions concerning how to use the CodeLite IDE for Unreal Engine if you’re using Linux. This is one of the questions that I’ve seen with no clear explanation provided.

The Main problem people seemed to be having is that the Unreal editor won’t open up the class after creation.

The Solution is extremely simple.

Step 1.


There is no sane reason to change the config file to PreferredAccessor=CodeLiteSourceCodeAccessor All this will do is break the ability to use your C++ files. You can still make BluePrints but then what is the purpose of having a C++ IDE? Step 2. Instead of reading the wiki and wasting 7 hours trying to configure Unreal on linux with CodeLite with wrong information from the Wiki, simply: Open the Unreal Editor > Go to Edit > Editor Preferences > Source Code > Accessor > Choose CodeLite > Set as Default. If anyone has any comments that contradict this, I would be very curious to know what they are because changing that config file doesn’t do anything but break things. Hope this helps!

Oh my, I was actually searching google for recommended IDEs and was lucky enough to stumble on this. After reading some pros and cons of the various IDEs I decided to give Codelite a try, thanks for posting this. I will try the route you have posted here.

In addition to NOT editing **Engine/Config/Linux/LinuxEngine.ini **as the wiki suggests.

I cannot seem to get the relevant c++ files to open in Codelite as they should when double clicked from Unreal Engine, for example open this video to 6:50: CodeLite as primary IDE for UE4 on Linux - YouTube

and you will see that this at one point did work, I have also found some relevant posts here:…cess/issues/96

Seems editing **Engine/Config/Linux/LinuxEngine.ini **is a big No No if you want things to continue to work.

I got both Codelite Integration and Hot Reloading working on Linux: