How to Use: ClearBlackboardValue?

Can anyone please help me with clearblackboardvalue i’ve tried using it in many places,(Tasks, decorators, Ai Controller, Character) but it never seems to clear the blackboard value i set give it.

My understanding is that you can put it in a task make a variable of time Blackboard Key Selector, set it to public and inside the behavior tree set it to the key i want to clear, but no matter what i try ether the editor crashes or it just doesn’t unset the value. Does anyone have an example of using ClearBlackboardValue?

My Tree is pretty simple, just check if 'Moving To" is set and if it is, execute the Move to task. All i want to do is unset the “Moving To” after the character has moved to the location. (Or failed to move to the location)

And i have tried putting it before the FinishExecute, makes no difference.


Nevermind figured it out, had to use ClearValueAsVector