How to use Class Redirector from a BP class to another BP class?

I have a blueprint whose parent got moved and renamed, and it’s not showing up on the Reparent Blueprint list. So I need to use a Class Redirector to get it working.

However, I can’t figure out exactly how to use that. Do I have to put /Script at the front? Do I have to put _C at the end? /Game? /Game/GameName.OldClass? /Game/Path/To/NewClass.NewClass_C? Is syntax the same for OldClassName and NewClassName? Information on documentation and every answer I found is incomplete.

Old parent blueprint location: /Content/Gamename/Core/Systems/AbilityManager/Abilities/Hitscan/BP_BaseHitscan

New parent blueprint location: /Content/Gamename/Core/Systems/AbilityManager/Attacks/bp_baseHitscanAttack

Please tell me exactly what I need to put in DefaultEngine.ini to make this happen.

Thank you!