How to use BP Interface with vr pickup?

I have setup my character bp to call an interface function when the controller trigger is pressed. However, it is throwing me an error when i try to compile. The way i have it set up is when the trigger is pressed, it will get all the actors that are overlapping with a collision sphere on the hand and run through them all to check which ones implement the pickup interface and if it does it will call the gripping function that i made in the interface. when i try to call it, it give me a warning that says “could not find the function ‘gripping’ called from Gripping”. Any help figuring out what this is and finding a solution would be appreciated.


I came here hoping someone would have the answer but it seems like no one has answered you yet. Did you find the answer because right now I’m super confused.

What is your issue? Post some screen shots of your actual problem instead of going off something from 6 months ago haha