How to use BP Classes?

How to use :
Player Controller
Gamemode Base
Actor Component
Scene Component ?
Can you give examples for each one? (take it simple please )

It’s all pretty well documented:


Hover buttons for tooltips, click the question mark on the right to get to the relevant page.

dude that all documentations are explaining like we are all professionals. I need some help for a newbie.

Read more about BP Classes here :

so… Actor is can be deployable ammo bag, pawn can be a gun and character can be a soldier.
is these examples are correct ?

Almost correct.
Actor is any object on the level, rocks, ground, door, walls, lights, ammo bag, gun, etc.
Pawn can be anything controllable by players, a camera to fly around, the bird on flappy bird, a rolling ball, space ship, etc.
Character is a Pawn with bonus that is already made to be human like, can walk/jump/crouch/sprint around, affect by gravity, collision, etc.

if actor is any object we don’t need add to every object right? Only if we want make a object keep in communication. Right?