How to use blueprints to reopen a level

Hello everyone. I’m working on a little platformer game and I made 5 levels for now.
I’ve created a specific blueprint actor (that kills the player) for every level because I still don’t know how to reopen the same level. To be more specific:
"We’re on the level 2. The player walks and hits a thorny box and dies. Restart level. "
In the blueprint: “When the player hit the box->open level: level2.” So I have to create a thornybox for every level and this is a little bit annoyng.
I’m wondering what instruction can I use to avoid this situation.
Another (similar) problem that I have, is when the player reachs the level’s end (a purple box that call “open level”) I have to write a specific purplebox for every level. (like before, on 2°level->open level3, on 3°level->open level4 and so on.)
Anyone can illuminates me?
Thanks in advance.


There are plenty ways to do level restart. One simple method I use is Blueprint Function Library with Restart current level function.

1.In content browser right-click=>blueprints=>blueprint function library create,name it, and save it

2.Open Blueprint function library. Create new function, rename it, and add this

Then you can call this function whenever you need in any blueprint. it will restart current level.

For the next level unfortunately you will have to write at each level exit next level’s name.

Ehy thank you so much! It works!