How to use bLoadWidgetsOnDedicatedServer?

In 4.14 There is a new feature in UMG:

New: Added an option to exclude all UMG widgets and slots from dedicated server builds.
Set bLoadWidgetsOnDedicatedServer=false for this behavior.

Where do we set this at? I’m unable to find how to use this feature or where to turn this feature on in the docs or codebase? Thanks for any help shedding light on this :slight_smile:

Hey Devero,

Try having a look in UserInterfaceSettings.cpp

Here’s the file path if that helps: Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\UserInterfaceSettings.cpp

You should be able to find bLoadWidgetsOnDedicatedServer in that file.

Let me know if that helps.

Have a great day

Thanks Sean for the information. So it seems, that feature did not make the 4.14 branch as reported by the release notes. It is not in the code, but I see that it is on the master branch.

Looks like you’re correct. I didn’t realize I was looking through the 4.15 code base. Sorry about that.

It appears that the feature did not make it into 4.14 after further investigation, unfortunately.