How to use Blendspace for attack animations?

I’ve created a few animations for my character’s attack using a montage. I have a charge up animation and a release animation. Currently I blend the charging animation with the attack animation, which plays the same animation regardless of how charged the weapon is. I thought maybe a blendspace could spice up the look of the animations and create a fluid looking attack based on the amount of time the charge is held. How would I go about doing this? Instead of playing the montage in the character class I would be playing the blendspace in the anim blueprint?

Haven’t attempted this in a log while (it’s also a bad idea), but once upon a time you could get a blandspace to play in a montage so long as the blendspace wasn’t set to looping.

If it were to work, it would be the closest to what you need.

The alternative is to create multiple animations and branch to a different montage or montage section based on the charge status.

In a montage - usually - the blending between poses is interpolated, so it shouldn’t “flicker” when you select a different section.

Normally you would have 2 montages for a “charge” setup.
The charge, which is usually a looping montage.
And the action, which usually contains all the sections “full”, “mid”, “low” charge and lead to the same final “discharge” animation.

Not as fluid as a blendspace would be, since you have to create separate versions of the animation instead of being able to “blend” on the fly.

The benefit is that it always looks the same - important for a fighter game, not so much for jrpg hack n slash stuff.

  • another viable option for this case scenario would be to swap the ABP on the fly.

Create an abp that contains just the attack state and the transition with the blend as needed.

Instead of playing the montage, swap the ABP at runtime.
Make sure to swap back after the animation completes.

A bit more complex, but its ideal for using the blendspace and a ton of other options.
It’s less “standard”, so you won’t find tutorials on it.