How to use Blender Cloth and UE4?

Sorry if everyone already knows this, but I’m pretty new to game design and blender and such. Can blender cloth and UE4 be used together? And if so, how? I’m guessing I would have to attach it to the animations somehow? I haven’t been able to find any tutorials on it so far.

Here is a link to the cloth technique I was talking about:

You can do a couple types of Cloth in the editor.

The first method is using an animation that is brought into UE4. This will not be dynamic.

The second method is using Nvidia’s Cloth APEX standalone tool. This will allow you to paint your cloth mesh so that you can use cloth in a real-time sense.

You can see a video of this here: Blender UE4 Cloth - YouTube

The tools to do this are available via once your signup. This standalone tool is located in their APEX SDK.

Thanks for the help!