How to use AutomationDriver?

I want to use the “Automation Driver” discribe in document…ver/index.html.

But how can I create a testcase? I use the engine create an C++ class in the cpp file, I copy these lines in “AutomationDriver.spec.cpp”.

#include “SmokeTest.h”

#include “AutomationTest.h”
#include “AutomationDriverCommon.h”
#include “AutomationDriverTypeDefs.h”

EAutomationTestFlags::ProductFilter | EAutomationTestFlags::ApplicationContextMask)
FAutomationDriverPtr Driver;

void FAutomationDriver2Spec:: Define()

FAutomationDriverPtr Driver = IAutomationDriverModule::Get().CreateDriver();


But it didn’t work, it build failed. Could you give me some advice on how to create a file to run AutomationDriver?

I am a novice. Can you help me? thank you very much. Thank you!

Hey thrivingma! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’m not 100% sure what’s the best way to test this, so let me ask around and get back to you. In the meantime you can also try posting your question to

Thank you for your reply!

I have the same problem. Do you have some news on the topic?

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