How to use ART maya plugin for rigging custom mesh ?

Hey folks … I wanted to make a custom cartoony character similar to the characters in the image. Is there a proper way to rig such characters which have bit un-natural body shapes ? I’ve tried scaling in every mode (global, offset, mesh) and things don’t work quiet well. Things get lot messier as the character undergoes double transformation !

For now I’ve positioned the joints where I want them for my mini-character ignoring the mess created by proxy mesh. The final rig controls go inside the character and they dislocate from their position if scaled. There must be a better way I guess :confused: !! plzzz help !


I rigged my character similar to this in proportion. The anim control rings are hard to select in 3d so I use the ART selection UI in the attribute editor area. I followed the tutorial on youtube to set up the character. I don’t remember having issues with the proportion. Are you starting from scratch like the tutorial does? It does make a character thats not to the right scale then I pove all the joints on one side, mirror to the other the positions, make bind skeleton and anim rig. I don’t scale the rigs.

When I try to make the proxy mannequin similar to my character, the mesh is like all messed up ! my character has really big head and small legs. I don’t actually scale the skeleton. I scale the mesh and adjust the joints to required position. The hands of the character are lower than of the proxy mesh so if I scale the chest meshes to make the proportions ri8, have to deform it like crazy to put the joints in position. The BTW If u are facing problem selecting the controls, put the mesh in a layer and set it to reference. Now u won’t be able to select the mesh and can select the control which basically are inside the character mesh !! And recently face problem with exporting the character file to another PC with plugin installed ! nothing shows up !!

the rig is referenced, so that might be the rig export issue. The rig file actually lives in
C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.11\Engine\Extras\Maya_AnimationRiggingTools\MayaTools\General\ART\Projects\yourProject
4.11 or whatever version you installed it from.
Oh proxy skeleton, yeah I didn’t make that b/c I already had my character. I remember having issues with the proxy mesh and just made by character. I had to remodel my character into the right pose, I think its easier to model it in T pose even those model pose is supported.
this character is all ART rigged
but I didn’t use a proxy mesh.

I too wasn’t using proxy mesh ! but until you create the skeleton, u can’t get rid of proxy mesh. That’s where I was deforming the mesh to fit my character. I guess its the stage before deformation setup in ART. anyways … have rigged one of my character with a messy method but it totally works ! I jus totally ignore the proxy mesh and jus place the joints where I want !

ah right. I kinda forgot that part b/c once you have a decent starting point you can always load that and tweak it from there. But cool sounds like you got it.