How to use Apply Mesh Plane Cut in blueprints - Geometry Script

Dear artist,

Yesterday I watched the live stream of unreal( Exploring Geometry Tools in UE5 | Inside Unreal). which was amazing. so I inspire and tried to make that High res texture turn into high field meshes. I reached the displacement part but I don’t know how to use apply the mesh plane cut function in blueprints. For the ref, you can see the video: Exploring Geometry Tools in UE5 | Inside Unreal - YouTube, At 1:31:30. I spent 2 days and didn’t achieve that please help me in this


From what I understand you need to move the “plane” on the z axis, so in the “Cut Plane Location” add like 0.1 on z for example (try different numbers for the result you want). But from now if i remember correctly how the plane cut work you should have the inverse of what you want because the “plane” normal is upward by default, so it would keep what’s below it and delete/cut what’s on top, to inverse that you can had -180 on x or y axis in “Cut Plane Rotation” (I think you could also put -1 on z in the “Cut Plane Scale” put I personally don’t like to work with negative scale :sweat_smile:).

I think you should have the result you want with that, hope this helped you :wink:


Thank you so much, for the solution, I did it because of you.

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so,how to do it,i have recently used this node ,but not work