How to use animated tiles in paper 2D tile map?

I have an animated tile set that I want to use in my tile map but i dont know how, I know how to make a flipbook but i cant use that as a tile, so what do i do?

a flipbook is a collection of frame, that collection made the animation a reality, for use it you need simply to tell, via script or blueprint, when play that flipbook, for example for a character when you press a key linked to movent (run/walk, jump, crouch, etcetera) you play the specified flipbook when a specified key are pressed; another example if you need to use a flipbook for an scenario item (torch, firecamp, etcetera) you need to run the flipbook at the begininng of the game or when something happens the whole getting through script or blueprint.

so if you intend to convert a tileset of a character into a flipbook is very easi via the ue4 editor, but for use a tileset you intend create a map like rpgmaker or similar software… well… isn’t impossible but at the same time isn’t easy.