How to use anim retargeting on a cat?


So, I modeled a cat (the animal) in Blender, and then I used the base cat skeleton that is in Blender to rig it. I also have a set of animations made for a Lion (and the lion) that I found in the Unreal Marketplace. I would like to use the Lions’ animations on my cat.
I tried using the animation retargeting because they have a different skeleton. This does not go as planned however and my cat ends up doing very creepy movements that should not be allowed. (I tried using the “humanoid rig” option in UE for coorespondence because I don’t know how to do otherwise).

Has any of you already done something similar and has some tips on finding correspondence between bones in two different skeletons?
Or, does anyone know a Mixamo tool for animals?
Or, do you know any other way I can do this?

That would be amazing because I can’t do animations!