How to use an AI controller to move player character to location?

How can I set up an AI controller to work with my player character so I can use the “move to location” node for click-to-move instead of the “simple move to location” node which is bad at pathfinding?

In my player character I’ve set this:

and then this in my AI controller:

but nothing happens.

if I possess my character from within the AI controller, the camera teleports to a different location and I can’t see a thing, nothing works anymore.

Is this not how you do it?

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What specifically doesn’t work?

Have you tried debugging this to make sure the execution flow and variables are as you expect?

what I’m trying to achieve doesn’t work, the character won’t move to location.

yes, I am debugging it and everything is being executed

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Perhaps try the AI MoveTo latent action node instead?

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the problem isn’t the node I’m using, it’s the implementation.

I don’t know how to possess a player character with an AI controller