How to use AlphaHoldOut

Hey all,

in UE4.23 Epic Games added a Blend Option to some Materials (e.g. User Interface): Alpha Hold Out.
According to the Release Notes it can be used to create a cut out effect:

AlphaHoldOut Blend Mode - This new
Material Blend Mode enables objects to
hold out the alpha in the Material,
punching a hole through objects behind

And that is all the documentation I can find on it.

I am trying to create a User Interface Material used by a Font in a UMG Widget. I do not get that Blend Mode to work properly. I hope anyone else managed to make it work and can point me to the right direction here.

I would like to know which effect the Opacity and Color Values of the Material take. No combination of Z Ordering of the Widget and Opacity and Color make that effect work. Even worse: it just looks like a normal (translucent) Alpha Blending to me.

Also I see that there are a lot of new features in each version of the engine and this is a very specific feature. (is it? I am actually surprised that even now with that feature working creating cut outs is not really convenient) So productizing all of that is a lot of hard work. But I honestly do not get the benefit from a new but undocumented feature.

It works on the things,who has Transluctiont material.

how did you get that to work? I’m in forward render and it doesn’t seem to do anything