How to use AIPerception component

I’ve been trying to make AIPerception work in blueprint but it somehow doesn’t respond to any make noise functions in my player character which contain noise emitter. The noise is picked up by PawnSensing component which means it does emit noise and i guess the problem is in the way i set it up.

Can anyone provide a simple step by step guide on using AIPerception? It would be cool if screenshot is provided with working setup so i can learn from my mistake.

Thanks guys all of you are awesome. =) especially MieszkoZ

If by noise emitter you mean PawnNoiseEmitterComponent then the problem is this component is simply part of the same perception solution as PawnSensingComponent. Currently the new AI perception system listens only to noise events generated by calling MakeNoise (PawnMakeNoise works as well since it’s using that too). UE4 4.8 will also come with easy to use function to sending out AI perception noise events.

Having said that, I think lots of people would expect PawnNoiseEmitterComponent work with new AI perception as well, so I’m going to file it as a bug. And it actually looks like a one-line change! :smiley: Thanks for pointing this out!

If you’re serious about using the new AI perception in UE4 I strongly suggest waiting for 4.8, or at least grabbing 4.8 preview 2 build once it’s out. A tutorial on using it will come out shortly, stay tuned.