How to use a spotlight as a projector for a video texture but maintain the video's original color?

Hi, I am trying to use a Spotlight actor with a video texture as its Light Function however instead of the resulting light projection being black and white I would like to maintain the colors of the original video. I know you can tint a light function using the Light Color Settings but I have been unable to replicate the colors of the original video. I am aware you can simply place a video texture onto a surface to simulate projection however my projection is onto a truss and not a flat surface so this is why I prefer to use a spotlight. Any help or alternative ideas would be much appreciated.

I’ve seen similar questions to this but none with proper solutions, maybe one of you can think of something I am not.


A single light function can only use a gray-scale input. However, an expensive and workaround solution would be that you could use three spotlights, one for each RGB Color.

The way you would set this up.

  • Three Spot Lights. Spotlight 1 would be Red, Spotlight 2 would be Green, and Spotlight 3 would be Blue for its light color.
  • Next setup three light function materials for your video texture.
    Material 1 would pull off the Red input into Base Color/Emissive
    Material 2 would pull off the Green input into Base Color/Emissive
    Material 3 would pull off the Blue input into Basecolor/Emissive
  • Apply the Red Video material to the Red Spotlight, Blue material to Blue Spotlight, and Green to Green.

Now when these are all overlapping and they make up your RGB color range and give you the proper color for the projected light function.

Again this is an expensive way to go about using this and you now have three dynamic lights and three video textures, but it’ll work.

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