How to use a Splat Map correctly in Unreal 4.25

Been trying to trouble shoot for a while looking at different tutorials using a splat map. It is not working at all but in the tutorials they work with older version of the engine. They do not hand paint anything at all. As soon as they hook up the textures in the appropriate pins, it just shows up using the splat map as a mask.

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What tuts are you following? What do you see?

Can you show us the Master Material nodes?

Have you assigned the materials to the correct channels in Modes > Landscape > Paint?

Of course, here are the tutorials that I’ve been watching:

This is my graph, following the tutorials

This is how it looks when applied to the terrain

This is after applying the layer info as Weight Blended Layer normal

As you can see, it does not take the splat map into consideration. I am following those tutorials, which are pretty similar to each other, so I am guessing something changed in the engine or they were done incorrectly.

Looks like everything I posted with pics is gone. I’ll try again.

Assign your Target Layers.

In the Modes tab > Landscape > Paint > Target Layers

They are already assigned. Can you have a link or screenshot just to make sure we are referring to the same thing? thank you :slight_smile:

The last pic shows that the layers are assigned. I selected “weight blended normal” layer info. Is that correct? Same way it was shown in the outdated tutorials.