How to use a Global Shader on a Plugin?

Hi, I’m trying to learn about USF and followed this tutorial:

Since shaders are supported as plugins since 4.17, I tried doing that. My code compile and all but at the end of that tutorial I’m supposed to modify the engine code, is that correct?
I don’t have much experience with modifying the engine code and wanted to avoid that, so is it possible?

My goal is to adapt this old cel-shading tutorial to a plugin [UE4] Adding a custom shading model (Part I) | FelixK development blog
Can that be done?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section I wasn’t sure where it fits better. Anyway, thanks in advance.

To add global shaders you don’t need to change engine code. To add shader models you would need thou. The articles bellow will cover from global shaders and shader models.

I sugest for you to follow this threads/blogs/links:…rs-to-ue4.html



quite an amount of time of reading, GL!

I see, I was mixing global shaders with shader models, sorry. Thanks for the links, that third one is really good and has a lot of good info.