How to use a Bridge texture on a selfmade mesh?

Hello! I’m trying to load a Street texture I downloaded from Quixel Bridge to a 3D mesh of a road I made, I did the UVs on Maya and I thought I would just had to rotate it and make it work on the Instance of the material but it wasn’t that easy, I’m trying to make the street lines to show on my road. Can anyone toss me a bone?
Image of what I’m trying to do:

I’m trying to do something inspired by this video but my man skips the part on how he loaded the textures on the mesh (or maybe I’m too deaf and blind to saw how)

I’m evaluating on maybe importing the texture to Substance Painter and play with it inside the software, but I’m afraid it will lose it’s quality.
Anyway can someone give me a hand? Thanks to anyone who took it’s time to read this :smile: !

Hey there @Chewiisky! Welcome to the community! Judging by the material’s preview image the lines are in the middle of the material UV areas. You may need to copy the master material node that instance comes from and make changes there if the instance’s settings tiling doesn’t work out. You would have to line up your materials UV coordinates to be exactly 1:1 with your object. I can take a look at your object’s UVs if you’d like!

Hey thanks a lot for the welcome and answering! I made some very simple UV cuts on the middle of the mesh

I’m really not very experienced making UVs :sweat_smile:
Question: when you talk about the master material node you mean the parent one? Because I’m send to one that I think is referencing the texture somehow?

I’m sorry for so many questions! I do want to learn!

No worries! So if you could arrange your UVs I’d make your primary folds cover the entire UV space, Just fold them into like an actual square for those two polygons.


This will make your road loop across it. Assuming this diagonal right is your “forward” line for your road.

Thanks a lot! Now it works like a charm! Now I I think I need to make some changes to the model so it don’t look so stiffed. Thanks a lot!