How to upgrade blueprint functions from 5.0 to 5.2

Dear Talented Everyone,

I hope to get help from you who have experience upgrading Unreal 5.0 project to 5.2.
As you know, several functions are deprecated in 5.2 and I can’t find out which functions are suitable for the position of the deprecated ones.
The functions are as following:

I sincerely hope to get help from you!!!


Hey @wolfofRome0607

I think these are the nodes:

Remember to activate ContextualAnimation under plugins

Hey @L1z4rD89 ,
Really appreciate to your reply

I thankfully replaced “Break ContextualAnimQueryResult”, but regarding other three functions, I found it hard to find.
Could you pls teach me more details?


Hey @wolfofRome0607

you either drag off of a Contextual Anim Scene Asset and search for the node or you disable Context Sensitive at the top right

thanks @L1z4rD89
Could you pls teach me which one is for “Get Animation for Role at Index”? between “Find AnimSet Index By Animation” and “Find Animation For Role”?

Really appreciate to your great help

Hey @wolfofRome0607

I think it is Find Animation For Role