how to update to newest version of UE

I very am sory for stupid question, but how can I update my unreal engine 4.4.2 to the newest one 4.6. I have subsription and pay it every month. When I go to my account, and download the latest verstion, it will install nothiing. It is installig or repacking something and then just apper a welcome screen as same as you lunch unreal engine. So no instalation process here.
Do I have to change something in my account? Or uninstall first the old one installation?
Many thanks and sorry for stupid question.

This is posted in the wrong sub-forum btw.

You download new versions using the Unreal Engine Launcher. Go to Library Tab in the launcher and at the top you will see “Add Engine”. Click that and it will add another engine. Select the version you want and it will download.

Unless you are already doing that and im misunderstanding your problem.

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