How to update the game?

Alright I am developing a massive online open world game inspired by GTA and I’m sure we are going to update the game at least twice a month . but how can i make the player update the game without downloading all of it ? what is the right way ? as you know i cant package the game like regular . for example i might have just changed some blueprints or added only a few new models . any advice any comment anything in your mind is appreciated


If you’re putting your game on Steam, they use a system based on Perforce’s Source Control solution. So the user only downloads what’s new or different from what they have.

So if it’s a 99999999 TB game, and you only changed a sound file for a patch. The user will might only have to download the 2mb of the audio file + whatever was changed in code. So the patch might be a 5mb patch.

On Mobile you DO have to download the whole thing, unless you implement your own custom solution.

Not sure how it works on Consoles to be honest. Would be insane to have to download the whole thing though, I hope they use a similar source-control type solution.

thanks for your respond . i am going to put the game on steam but the primary way for people to download my game is through my website (because of some limitation that steam has in my country , not every one has the steam or has access to steam ) so then what would be your solution ? every time that i update the game i have to upload it to my website

In that case you would need a low-level engineer-type solution. You need to create a client that updates the game before opening it. Steam does it for you. UE4 doesn’t have it out of the box.

I’m sure there’s more than one way of doing it. But it’s not an easy task, only a real profesional back-end programmer could pull it off.

any tips ? any tricks ? anyone ?

come on guys any link or documents or …

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