How to update the acceleration of the car (sedan) in the blueprint vehicle template during gameplay?

I’m trying to edit the vehicle supplied in the template so that when a key is held down (the E key), the acceleration of the vehicle is increased.

After watching the “2 - Tuning: Top Speed and Acceleration” official Unreal Engine tutorial video I can see that the acceleration can be altered by editing the torque curve (or the Drag Coefficient).

However I cannot find / am unsure of what nodes i should be using to edit the torque/drag inside the Sedan Blueprint as when i search for them, nothing relevant appears?

I’ve uploaded an image to show what i mean.


You can simply do this:

The Accel boolean is keeping track of if you pressed E. The IsMoving is just if you are accelerating forward.
Every tick I call this HandleBoost event.

Hi, thanks for the reply!

After implementing this solution I got some rather strange results.

The Image attached shows that the velocity is doubling (i chose 2.0 to make this easier to see).

However when i play the game in the editor, when holding down the E key, the screen appears to shake wildly and the km/h reading on the HUD changes rapidly as well (The video linked shows this).

The time taken to reach the end of the track is also not decreased when holding down the boost button compared to just driving normally (should be quicker because the acceleration should be increased?). Both tests took the car approx 34 seconds to reach the end of the track.

You have to be careful with how much you multiply it with. I ised 1.001 or something. What it does is that every tick when it fires, the speed is multiplied by that number. So the final dpeed that frame is the stamdard accel + 0.001xcurrentSpeed. If you use 2 you double the speed every tick.

You only do it every time you click the boost button, I think. That is the problem.

Ah okay i see! I previously thought the float was how much the acceleration value was being multiplied by. Thanks very much!