How to update ols library content?

I have a lot of “old” content in my library but due to space and logistic constraints I only keep the 2 most recent versions of the engine installed. With a lot of my library only giving the option to “Add to Project”, whenever I choose one of these old resources the editor/launcher won’t let me do anything with them and tells me to add them to a more compatible version project. I don’t really want to have to install versions going back as far as 4.6 just to get access to these resources.

I’ve tried manually copying the content across to my project’s Content folder but the engine doesn’t even show or see the files in there yet I can see them in Windows explorer.

I understand how some content like BPs and such might not work in newer versions, but surely static meshes and maybe even materials/textures should still be usable. But since everything is inside .uasset files or other UE4 proprietary files, I don’t know how to get at these components.

Is there a simpler and less demanding way to allow me to use these library content projects/resources?

I know that my engine recognizes .uasset files added to the content folder. But I think it was a setting I had to turn on, I don’t recall where though.

Interesting, but i can’t find any such setting. Seems odd that you would need to even do that since .uasset files are proprietary native UE files. It’s kinda like turning on english subtitles while watching a movie that’s in english.

I think it’s part of the auto import feature. It’s not meant for asset migrating, it just reloads changed assets, and by extension reloads new ones too.

Ahh, ok that makes sense. I still can’t find any setting that might do this. If you happen to stumble across it in your travels, I’d appreciate the updated info. So far I’ve been doing this the “hard” way and installing a UE version that supports as many of these old resources as possible and doing a migrate. Tedious, but it’s all I can think of to get them across to the newer UE.