How to update my own mod?

I have been created my own mod and I can’t update it.
When I try to cooked my mod again, it’s a new mod with a new mod id !

Please help !,
Thanks :rolleyes:

Ps.I can’t find any posted about updating mod.

First of all, Cooking a mod doesn’t add anything to the steam workshop. So you must being doing more than JUST cooking to get a completely new page. But assuming you cook the mod normally by selecting from the left side list then selecting “Cook game mod” the cook will update the information in the output folder correctly. The next step is uploading to the steam workshop which will allow the mod content to be updated for USE. This can be done in the dev kit by simply filling out the fields below the cooking section with the information you want displayed then hitting the “Upload” button. This will take you through a login for steam then complete the update process. If you hit the “Reset Publisher” button it will force the cooked content to push to a brand new mod ID resulting in a new steam workshop page, so don’t hit that unless you want to restart the workshop page and abandon the old one.

ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved\Mods.db – Edit this with a text editor and place the mod ID you want to update in there replacing whatever was there.