How to update "Loading Screen" plugin from 4.22 to 4.24 in C++

I am trying to use a plugin from the Epic Wiki page A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums that allows to load a level while playing a movie file.
However when I launch my game in standalone mode, the game crashes. I am currently using the UE 4.24.2 source build version from github.
This plugin’s latest supported version is 4.22. (according to the github page of the plugin)

My issue is that I would like to make this plugin work in UE 4.24 but I am not a programmer so even though the tutorial on the epic wiki page seems pretty simple I don’t really understand how not to crash the engine with this plugin. I have tried reproducing the examples “.cpp” and “.h” files by creating the required files in C++ and copy pasting the code with no success.
As I have said my knowledge in C++ is quite limited. I have tried to install the plugin both at an engine and project level and the result is the same: engine crash.

Crash report in the engine:

I think you have not created the associated Slate widgets, which the tutorial mentions but does not cover.

The Epic Action RPG example project has a loading screen module built into it and this video covers the process at a high level. Figure out how the modules work first before delving into a full implementation, that’s how I managed to figure out with limited knowledge of making my own modules or Slate programming.

Thanks, that comes in handy. I will have a look at it.

I finally found the answers to my issue by asking my question on “Unreal Slackers” discord server.

So to summarize, I had to download the loading screen plugin at this page:

Then I modified some source files in it by following the pull request instructions made by someone else at this link:…17cc23b17ce4d4

Finally, I put the modified plugin’s folder inside the “MyProject/Plugins” directory and it worked. I have been able to find the plugin section in the “Project settings” under the “GAME” section.

You may have to rebuild the project once the plugin is added to your project before launching the editor.