How to update dev kit content and preserve your TC?

I copied the entire content folder out of the mod directory and made the dev kit update (which subsequently backed up edited files anyway).

But how do I do the diff merge mentioned here:
“If you want to update your content with the latest update, you should run a diff. (with win-merge for example)”

As they are blueprint files (binary) and cannot be diffed (as far as I could tell) is it is simply copying back my edited files into the content directory? Doesn’t sound safe.

Bump, can anyone who actively develops their TC give insight?

Well, Kenturrac here on the forums, did a Tutorial on setting up TC’s and I believe he just copies whatever files to new mod folder and cooks that folder as a TC.

Separates the changed files from defaults.


Cheers, looks like a decent tutorial.

However, I’m getting the impression there’s no standard or official word on best practice to follow with TC’s which is a shame.

As far as I know, if I wanted to edit how much HP % is given per point invested for dino’s I can either:
A) Following the standard of copy, remap and replace…

  • Make a copy of each dinosaur (note, as you can’t edit derived components making a child of each dinosaur won’t work)
  • Make a copy of each dinosaur status component (which holds the attributes logic)
  • Reparent all new dinosaur status components to my new base with the modified HP % gain.
  • Replace the default dinosaur status component on each dinosaur with my new ones (respective for each dinosaur)
  • Do a remap from each default dinosaur to my custom one inside primalgamedata

B) Edit the official files directly…

  • Edit the base dinosaur status component to give the new HP % gain.
  • Make sure derived dinosaur status components don’t override the new value.

Option A) does not require a replacing of files on dev kit update/verify but also means your copied files can become outdated making it very hard to maintain. Also, re-parenting is likely to cause issues (I know base crafting materials, armor and such are referenced in-game).
Option B) does require a file replace and I’m worried it runs the risk of breaking things and/or causing conflicts. Although, I’ve run into none so far.