How to update assets across multiple levels?

Hi, sorry if this is a newbie question. I would like to know how to have a single group of assets or stage that is referenced in to multiple levels, so I can amend just the master and it updates across ALL levels.

This is not for games, but film / video so performance is not the priority

I would like to for example, have a my stage set, possibly group of models, positioned and lit correctly, this will be the same in all my shots.
I have 26 shots (which will be all my levels) so I want to know I have the freedom to update things without having to update ALL the 26 shots / levels separately

This would also be great for master lighting that I can tweak right up till final sequencer renders of all shots.

I have read about persistent levels and streaming but not sure if this is what I need or overkill?

In Maya what I need is called “referencing”… where you reference in your stage or master lighting as an external file into your scenes… so that that you only have to change the master reference file to update all scenes,… it gives great flexibility, is the same possible in Unreal?

Many thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

You could stream in a level but you can also construct stuff within a Blueprint which can then be reused.

Once he changed values from instances in levels, changes to Blueprint default values won’t take effect on those instances.

I know what he means, there’s a “prefab” plugin on Marketplace that could be used to emulate scene referencing like Maya/Photoshop do, but I never used it so I’m not sure.

Thank you for the replies, I found that plugin which I may try… but i’m very surprised this isn’t a part of unreal and I need to pay for a plugin to do this, seems like it should be a standard feature