How to update and chect apk api?

You uploaded a debuggable APK or Android App Bundle. For security reasons you need to disable debugging before it can be published in Google Play. Learn more about debuggable APKs or Android App Bundles.

You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that was signed in debug mode. You need to sign your APK or Android App Bundle in release mode. Learn more about signing.

Your app currently targets API level 26 and must target at least API level 28 to ensure it is built on the latest APIs optimized for security and performance. Change your app’s target API level to at least 28. Learn how.

this is proplem i met when i upload my game to google play

mark true for “for distribution” to remove debug warning,
go to android works and install api 28, and in the android section of the project setting use sdk version 28 for build and latest ndk

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