How to update already saved actor transforms when moving their position in the editor?

How do you guys handle updating an actors transform in a savegame?

I use procedural foliage, and when creating new POIs, I run into the issue that I have to resimulate the foliage.

The way that the saving works in my game, is this:

  1. Save all the tree transforms in the world.
  2. When loading, remove the trees that don’t have a transform in the saved array.

Here’s a visual of the tree loading:

This works well when I don’t have to resimulate the trees / Or when I haven’t relocated the trees.

So I wonder how other developers go about issues like these? I’ve seen the same issue in other actors (like interactable items) that I have had in the game, and that I have simply relocated due to an enviornment update.

Most tutorials I have seen, suggest to destroy all the actors and spawn them on the saved transforms, but I have noticed that its very heavy on the startup, and has resulted in some crashes. It also doesn’t keep the new location updated (or Im doing it wrong), and stays in the old position while things that aren’t saved, like static meshes for the new environments, have relocated as they should (because they aren’t saved, obviously)